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Name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Conophytum tantillum subsp. tantillum Edit
Plectranthus purpuratus subsp. purpuratus Edit
Gladiolus laccatus Edit
Salvia barbata From the Latin ‘barbata’ / ‘barbatus’ meaning ‘bearded’ Edit
Lightfootia abyssinica From the Latin ‘abyssinica’ / ‘abyssinicus’ meaning ‘relating to Abyssinia’ Edit
Thesium susannae Edit
Dovea bolusii From the English ‘bolus’ / ‘Bolus’ meaning ‘commemorating the South African botanist’ Edit
Lachenalia stayneri Edit
Hura crepitans Edit
Tripteris glabrata From the Latin ‘glabra’ / ‘glaber’ meaning ‘smooth’ Edit
Cineraria dieterlenii Edit
Isolepis dregeana Commemorates the brothers Carl Friedrich Drege (1791-1867) and Johann Franz Drege (1794-1881) of...Edit
Northern Rockhopper Penguin Edit
Ficinia repens Edit
Romulea tetragona var. flavandra Edit
Aloe verdoorniae Named after Inez Clare Verdoorn (15 June 1896 Pretoria – 1989), a South African botanist and...Edit
Pteris quadripinnata Edit
Courtoisina assimilis Edit
Psilocaulon dinteri Edit

Dinter's biography can be seen at...

Launaea picridioides Edit