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Wahlenbergia inhambanensis Named in honour of Georg (Goran) Wahlenberg (1780 – 1851), a Swedish botanist, successor to Carl...Edit

Named in honour of Swedish botanist ...

Digitaria boivinii Edit
Serruria ciliata var. congesta From the Latin ‘ciliata’ / ‘ciliatus’ meaning ‘equipped with fine hairs’ Edit
Acroceras Name from the Greek akros, at the top, and keras, a horn. Edit
Cyperus pelophilus Edit
Plantago afra var. stricta Edit
Crassocephalum crepidioides Edit
AMARYLLIDACEAE Named after the genus Amaryllis. From Greek Amarullis, typical name of a country girl or...Edit
Metalasia oligocephala Edit
Canthium pyrifolium Edit
Oxylaena Edit
Gendarussa incana Edit
Euryops subcarnosus subsp. vulgaris Edit
Erica viscaria subsp. viscaria Edit
Laevicarpa kolbei Edit
Simocheilus dispar Edit
Lippia kituiensis Edit
Vigna kokii Edit
Babiana angustifolia Edit
Cyperus hirsutus From the Latin ‘hirsutus’ / ‘hirsutus’ meaning ‘hairy’ Edit