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Name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Dichrocephala bicolor Edit
Searsia engleri Edit
Indigofera sangana Edit
Erica sulphurea Edit
Crassula subaphylla var. virgata Edit
Aulacorhynchus crinifolius Edit
Thesium palliolatum Edit
Conophytum truncatum Edit
Tricholaena monachyron Edit
Hibiscus trionum From the Latin ‘trionum’ / ‘trionus’ meaning ‘resembling the reptiles of the genus Trionyx’ Edit
Gladiolus micranthus Edit
Glaucium From the Greek glaukos, grey- green, glaucous; referring to the leaves. Edit
Cineraria parvifolia Edit
Galenia dregeana Edit
Bulbine crispa Edit
Hermannia angularis From the Latin 'angularis' meaning having angles or corners; referring to the calyx that...Edit
Oxalis goniorhiza Edit
Aeschynomene Edit
Moraea muddii Edit
Calodendrum capense capense = of or from the Cape.  Edit

Note that the Cape was frequently equivalent to the Capensis region, i.e. South Africa, and not...