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Name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Dicksonia antartica Edit
Tanacetum rotundifolium Edit
Melhania polyneura Edit
Chrysomphalus Edit
Hypericum pauciflorum From the Latin paucus = "few" and florus = "flower". This plant has few flowers. Edit
Kleinia Edit
Carex austro-africana From Latin Austro meaning "south" and āfricāna, the neuter plural of āfricānus (“African”). i.e....Edit
Eulophia angolensis Edit
Muraltia stokoei From the English ‘stokoei’ / ‘Stokoe’ meaning ‘commemorating a botanist of this name’ Edit
Fallopia nervosa Edit
Cyphia rogersii subsp. winteri Edit
Chenopodium hederiforme subsp. hederiforme Edit
Hippocratea africana var. richardiana From Latin āfricāna, the neuter plural of āfricānus (“African”).Edit
Zehneria anomala From the Latin ‘anomala’ / ‘anomalus’ meaning ‘abnormal’ Edit
Dipcadi rigidifolium Edit
Spiloxene declinata Edit
Gendarussa cuneata Edit
Tavaresia barklyi Named after Sir Henry Barkly (1815-1898), a British colonial administrator in the Cape. Edit
Scleria aquatica Edit
Chlorophytum sternbergianum Edit