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Name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Eugenia malangensis Edit
Berkheya carduoides Edit
Crowned Eagle Edit
Acmadenia macropetala From the Greek ‘macro’ / ‘makros’ meaning ‘big’; and the Greek ‘petala’ / ‘petalon’ meaning ‘petal...Edit
Melhania zavattarii Edit
Eucalyptus microtheca Edit
Carex spicato-paniculata From the Latin ‘paniculata’ / ‘paniculatus’ meaning ‘tufted’ Edit
Xeroderris Edit
Verrucaria Edit
Geissorhiza juncea From the Latin ‘juncea’ / ‘junceus’ meaning ‘resembling a reed’ Edit
Brachystegia spiciformis Edit
Holothrix aspera Edit
Drosanthemum cereale Edit
Aristida hordeacea Edit
Merremia kentrocaulos Edit
Androcymbium exiguum From the Latin ‘exiguum’ / ‘exiguus’ meaning ‘sparse’ Edit
Restio multiflorus From the Latin ‘multi’ / ‘multi’ meaning ‘many’; and the Latin ‘florus’ / ‘flos’ meaning ‘flower’. Edit
Strumaria hardyana Edit
Hoslundia opposita Edit
Lippia plicata Edit