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Name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Aspalathus argyrella From the Greek ‘argyr’ / ‘argyros’ meaning ‘silver’; and the Latin ‘ella’ / ‘ellus’ meaning ‘...Edit
Locustellidae Edit
Anacridium aegyptium Edit
Thelotrema capense capense = of or from the Cape.  Edit

Note that the Cape was frequently equivalent to the Capensis region, i.e. South Africa, and not...

Galium scabrelloides Edit
Coccocarpiaceae Edit
Tetradenia riparia Edit
Huernia transvaalensis Edit
Diclis Not stated by author. The upper corolla lobe is bi-lobed; the capsule bi- partite . Edit
Colpias mollis From the Latin ‘mollis’ / ‘gentle’ meaning ‘’ Edit
Helichrysum saxicola Edit
Jamesbrittenia amplexicaulis From the Latin ‘amplexi’ / ‘amplexus’ meaning ‘embracing’; and the Latin ‘caulis’ / ‘caulis’...Edit
Hoodia triebneri Edit
Tritoniopsis antholyza From the Greek ‘antho’ / ‘anthos’ meaning ‘flower’; and the Greek ‘lyza’ / ‘lyssa’ meaning ‘rage’. Edit
Thesium euphrasioides From the Greek ‘euphrasi’ / ‘euphrasia’ meaning ‘cow-wheat’; and the Greek ‘oides’ / ‘oides’...Edit
Polystachya lindblomii Edit
Arachis Edit
Delosperma esterhuyseniae Edit
Cynodon nlemfuensis Edit
Oxalis tysonii Edit