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Name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Mesembryanthemum spinosum var. cradockense From the Latin ‘spinosum’ / ‘spinosus’ meaning ‘thorny’ Edit
Ammannia senegalensis var. multiflora Edit
Psilocaulon implexum Edit
Hypoxis pusilla Edit
Euclea racemosa subsp. zuluensis From the Latin ‘racemosa’ / ‘racemosus’ meaning ‘clustered’ Edit
Ammannia rautanenii Edit
Ipomoea eriosperma Edit
Gilbertiodendron grandiflorum From the Latin ‘grandi’ / ‘grandis’ meaning ‘large’; and the Latin ‘’ / ‘flos’ meaning ‘flower’. Edit
Helichrysum psilolepis Edit
Willdenowia From the German ‘wildenowia’ / ‘Wildenow’ meaning ‘commemorating a botanist of that name’ Edit
Commelina vanderystii Edit
Oxalis camelopardalis Edit
Bulbostylis mucronata From the Latin ‘mucronata’ / ‘mucronatus’ meaning ‘sharp pointed’. This often presents as a small...Edit
Lycopsis Edit
Nerine gibsonii Edit
Ornithogalum melanopus Edit
Colchicum albanense Edit
Brachymenium acuminatum From the Latin ‘acuminatum’ / ‘acuminatus’ meaning ‘tapering to a point’ Edit
Impatiens perfecunda Edit
Timmiella pelindaba Edit