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Name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Ornithogalum inclusum Edit
Mesembryanthemum hexamerum Edit
Phelypaea mutelii var. tenuiflora Edit
Oenothera parodiana subsp. parodiana Edit
Coleus neochilus Edit
Galium brenanii Edit
Ochna macrocalyx From the Greek ‘macro’ / ‘makros’ meaning ‘big’; and the Greek ‘calyx’ / ‘kalyx’ meaning ‘the petal...Edit
Stapelia marmorata Edit
Orbea maculata subsp. rangeana From the Latin ‘maculata’ / ‘maculatus’ meaning ‘stained’ Edit
Arnelliaceae Edit
Smithia erubescens Edit
Cylindrophyllum dyeri Edit
Haworthia magnifica var. magnifica Edit
Crocosmia pottsii Edit
Kohautia brachyloba Edit
Huernia simplex From the Latin ‘simplex’ / ‘simplex’ meaning ‘simple’. In plants typically alluding to simple (non-...Edit
Danthonia porosa Edit
Drimia nitida Edit
Haworthia deltoidea from Greek, the 4th letter of the alphabet and equivalent to 'D', and shaped like an eqilateral...Edit
Canthium lividum Edit