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Name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Terminalia sericea var. angolensis From the Latin sericea meaning ‘silky’ Edit
Trichocephalus virgatus Edit
Neodermaptera Edit
Rhinolobium lineare Edit
Hibiscus strigosus Edit
Pseuderanthemum subviscosum Edit
Lebeckia candicans From the Latin candicans meaning "increasing in glow / whitening". Edit
Euryops longifolius From the Latin longus = "long" and folium = "leaf", referring to the long leaves Edit
Heliophila deserticola From Latin desertum = "desert" and -cola = "dweller", referring to the desert habitat of the...Edit
Ampelocissus obtusata From the Latin ‘obtusa’ / ‘obtusus’ meaning ‘blunt Edit
Vellereophyton pulvinatum Edit
Chamaecrista plumosa var. plumosa Edit
Herschelianthe bachmanniana Edit
Cyphostemma ternatum Edit
Andropogon longipes From the Latin longus = "long" and pes = "foot". In plants this often refers to the base of the...Edit
Gomphocarpus rivularis Edit
Encentrus linearis Edit
Lotononis glabra Edit
Avena sterilis subsp. sterilis Edit
Spatalla propinqua Edit