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Name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Celtis wightii Edit
Pharnaceum lanatum From the Latin ‘lanatum’ / ‘lanatus’ meaning ‘furnished with wool’ Edit
Pentarrhinum insipidum Edit
Ruschia grisea Edit
Phragmanthera From the Greek phragma, a hedge; anthers. Edit
Chaenostoma From the Greek chalno, I gape; stoma, mouth. The tube opens widely. Edit
Sutera aspalathoides From the Greek ‘aspalath’ / ‘aspalathos’ meaning ‘a fragrant shrub found in Greece’; and the Greek...Edit
Drosanthemum leipoldtii Edit
Psathyrophlyctis serpentaria Edit
Lotononis laxa Edit
Morella quercifolia From the Latin ‘querci’ / ‘quercus’ meaning ‘oak’; and the Latin ‘folia’ / ‘folium’ meaning ‘leaf’. Edit
Hyparrhenia poecilotricha Edit
Newtonia erlangeri Edit
Cotula pedunculata Edit
Rostraria cristata From the Latin ‘cristata’ / ‘cristatus’ meaning ‘tufted’ Edit
Podalyria After Podalirius (Latin), from Podaleirios (Greek), son of Asklepios, god of healing. He and his...Edit
Searsia undulata Edit
Pseuderanthemum alatum From the Latin ‘alatum’ / ‘alatus’ meaning ‘winged’ Edit
Ochna inermis Edit
Ruschia laxiflora Edit