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Name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Leonotis raineriana Edit
Hyparrhenia cymbaria Edit
Crassula garibina subsp. garibina Edit
Curculigo recurvata Edit
Searsia montana Edit

Named in honour of Swedish botanist ...

Erica johnstoniana Edit
Acroceras gabunense Edit
Eleusine tristachya From the Greek ‘tri’ / ‘tri’ meaning ‘three’; and the Greek ‘stachya’ / ‘stachys’ meaning ‘spike’. Edit
Heliotropium gibbosum Edit
Suaeda vera subsp. longifolia From the Latin ‘longi’ / ‘longus’ meaning ‘long’; and the Latin ‘folia’ / ‘folium’ meaning ‘leaf’. Edit
Elytrophorus spicatus From the Latin ‘spicatus’ / ‘spicatus’ meaning ‘spiked’ Edit
Sticherus umbraculifer Edit
Oscularia thermarum Edit
Bulbophyllum trisetum Edit
Buchnera viscosa Edit
Warneckea sousae Edit
Elynanthus pictus Edit
Caucalis lappula Edit
Crambe abyssinica var. meyeri From the Latin ‘abyssinica’ / ‘abyssinicus’ meaning ‘relating to Abyssinia’ Edit
Acanthopsis adamanticola Edit