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Name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Othonna tephrosioides Edit
Kaulfussia Edit
Combretum kerengense Edit
Stachys gariepina Named after the Orange (Gariep) River on the northern boundary of South Africa from which this...Edit
Radiata Edit
Hermannia argentea Edit
Heliotropium tubulosum Edit
Crassula setulosa var. setulosa × setulosa var. jenkinsii Edit
Colius striatus Edit
Lotononis rara Edit
Helichrysum polycladum Edit
Haworthia angustifolia var. altissima From the Latin ‘angusti’ / ‘angustus’ meaning ‘narrow’; and the Latin ‘folia’ / ‘folium’ meaning ‘...Edit
Lotus fruticosus From the Latin fruticosa / fruticosus meaning ‘bushy’ Edit
Tylophoropsis fleckii Named after Dr Eduard Fleck, a geologist sent out to Namibia around 1890 by the Deutsche...Edit
Nanozostera capensis From the Cape Province of South Africa, previously known as the Cape Colony. -ensis is a Latin...Edit
Cerastium caespitosum Edit
Scilla bakeriana Edit
Dicliptera ocymoides Edit
Mesembryanthemum chrysoleucum Edit
Pentaschistis borussica Edit