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Name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Faucaria uniondalensis Edit
Berkheya heterophylla var. heterophylla From the Greek ‘hetero’ / ‘heteros’ meaning ‘the other of the two’; and the Greek ‘phylla’ / ‘...Edit
Aloe microcantha Edit
Viscum pauciflorum var. eucleae Edit
Erica curvirostris var. curvirostris Edit
Selago paniculata Edit
Syndesmanthus erinus var. erinus Edit
Echium ferocissimum Edit
Torilis melanantha Edit
Prismatocarpus From the Greek prisma, anything sawn; hence the geometrical (as opposed to the optical) prism (adj...Edit
Utricularia treubii Edit
Otiophora caerulea From the Latin ‘caerulea’ / ‘caeruleus’ meaning ‘sky-blue’ Edit
Datura quercifolia From the Latin ‘querci’ / ‘quercus’ meaning ‘oak’; and the Latin ‘folia’ / ‘folium’ meaning ‘leaf’. Edit
Parmelia joannis-simae Edit
Caballeroa ifniensis Edit
Dilanthes Edit
Geranium revolutum Edit
Pellaea From the Greek pellaios, dusky. Edit
Selago sandersonii Edit
Plumbago tristis Edit