How It Works

Anyone can sign up

CasaBio is free to use for anyone; students, teachers, researchers, conservationists, any everyone else

Contributors upload their photos

Photographs of plants and animals can be uploaded in bulk or individually.

Photos become observations

The photos of the same species are grouped together as observations. These are tagged with information such as date, location, etc. The observations can be identified as a particular species or taxon.

Anyone can browse the contributions

You don't need to have an account to browse the pictures, observations, identifications, species, and other types of information.

Observations are identified

Anyone in the community can vote to help identify observations, and tag the interaction between species in the photos.

Researchers and conservationists can browse in detail

Using powerful filters, questions like "Which species are found in this area?", or "Where has this species been sighted, and when?" can easily be answered, along with questions regarding habitats and species interactions.


Recent Observations

We Need Your Help

Contribute your findings

The easiest way to help is simply by contributing your photos, your data from the field, and your knowledge.

Tell Us What to Work On

Really, we want you to help us find the bugs, and decide what features we should work on next, to keep making CasaBio better!

Donate or Sponsor

CasaBio does not currently have a sponsor, so your company could take the opportunity to become our primary sponsor! Or you can donate something small; it all helps.