The Field Guide to the Succulent Euphorbias of southern Africa

Alma Möller & Rolf Becker
Year published: 

This is a incredible and modern publication on a group that has had little cohesive published focus. It has multiple photos frequently showing close-ups of flowers and fruit as well as habit.  The Field Guide to the Succulent Euphorbias of southern Africa contains:

  • Introductory chapters containing general information about the species characters, how to identify a euphorbia, growing euphorbias in cultivation, gardening with euphorbias, medicinal and other uses, herbaceous species and invaders
  • Detailed descriptions of 224 species, including emphasis on distinguishing features, habitat, distribution maps, conservation status, scientific and known common names, as well as notes on similar species
  • Similar looking species are grouped together in 18 species groups, based on easily recognisable morphological characters; Group 19 contains previously undescribed species and Group 20 contains species of uncertain status
  • More than 870 full-colour photographs and illustrations
  • Taxonomic classification
  • Glossary and index to scientific and common names

For a group that frequently occurs throughout Southern Africa, I highly recommend this as a field-guide. It includes a number of new species.