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Name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Felicia josephinae Edit
Aeschynomene fluitans Edit
Scilla megaphylla From Latin megas = "large / great" and phyllon = leaf due to the large leaves Edit
Crataegus lasiocarpa From the Greek lasios (λασιος), meaning shaggy, wooly, hairy or rough; and -karpon, a fruit. Edit
Listrostachys durandiana Edit
Aristida engleri var. ramosissima Edit
Siphonochilus brachystemon Edit
Cotyledon engleri Edit
Festuca caprina From the Latin ‘caprina’ / ‘caprinus’ meaning ‘resembling a goat’ Edit
Abutilon angulatum var. macrophyllum Edit
Mimosa longifolia From the Latin ‘longi’ / ‘longus’ meaning ‘long’; and the Latin ‘folia’ / ‘folium’ meaning ‘leaf’. Edit
Ixora chinensis Edit
Tiliacora pynaertii Latinised from the Bengali vernacular name tiliakora. Edit
Passiflora coerulea Edit
African Grey Hornbill Edit