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Name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Trichodiadema obliquum Edit
Iboza bainesii Edit
Sagonea Edit
Ipomoea sidifolia Edit
Scorzonera purpurea Edit
Leucadendron sericocephalum From silver head Edit
Egretta alba From Latin albus meaning 'white' Edit
Chiasmodontidae Edit
Cheiridopsis robusta Edit
Restio curviramis From the Latin ‘curvi’ / ‘curvus’ meaning ‘curved’; and the Latin ‘ramis’ / ‘ramus’ meaning ‘branch...Edit
Triraphis rehmannii From the German ‘rehmannii’ / ‘Rehmann’ meaning ‘commemorating a botanist of this name’ Edit
Aspalathus sphaerocephala Edit
Romulea autumnalis Edit
Lepidosperma burmanni Edit
Lithops comptonii var. divergens Edit