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Name Canonical name Scientific name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Zaluzianskya capensis var. foliosa Zaluzianskya capensis var. foliosa (Benth.) Walp. From the Latin foliosa = 'with many leaves' Edit
Rhus celastroides Rhus celastroides Sond. Edit
Pteris lunulata Pteris lunulata (Burm. f.) Retz. Edit
Trachyphonus vaillantii Edit
Athanasia pinnatifida Athanasia pinnatifida (Oliv.) Hilliard From the Latin pinnatifidus = ‘divided into feathers’ Edit
Ectadium virgatum From the Latin virgatus meaning 'striped' or more typically a ‘twig / switch’; typically referring...Edit
Eriospermum pumilum From the Latin pumila = 'dwarf' Edit
Searsia magalismontana Searsia magalismontana (Sond.) Moffett coming from the Magaliesberg mountains in Gauteng Edit
Acalypha transvaalensis Acalypha transvaalensis Gand. From the former Transvaal Province of South Africa; now Gauteng Province. Trans meaning 'across',...Edit
Pterocarpus Pterocarpus Pterocarpus Jacq. Gk. pteron = wing; karpon = fruit. The pod is conspicuously winged; winged fruit. Edit
Haworthia bronkhorstii Edit
Pacmad clade Pacmad clade PACMAD clade Edit
Geigeria nianganensis Geigeria nianganensis Dinter ex Merxm. Edit
Erica maximiliani Named after acclaimed botanist Friedrich Richard Rudolf Schlechter (1872–1925) or his brother, the...Edit

His vast herbarium was destroyed during the bombing of ...

Dicliptera capensis From the Cape Province of South Africa, previously known as the Cape Colony. -ensis is a Latin...Edit