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Nowodworskya semiverticillata Edit
Helichrysum ericifolium var. metalasioides Latin, from Greek helikhrusos, from helix ‘spiral’ + khrusos ‘gold’. It originally denoted a yellow...Edit
Eustegia fraterna var. pubescens Edit
Athanasia ebracteata var. hirsuta From the Cape Province of South Africa, previously known as the Cape Colony. Edit
Ekebergia meyeri Likely commemorating the German botanist Ernst Heinrich Friederich Meyer (1791-1858), a professor...Edit
Glottiphyllum neilii Edit
Aloe pumilio Edit
Schismus calycinus From the Greek ‘calcyna’ / ‘kalkynos’ meaning ‘with a noticeable calyx’ or with the petals being...Edit
Erica fastigiata var. fastigiata Edit
Mesembryanthemum paripetalum Edit
Barleria barbata From the Latin ‘barbata’ / ‘barbatus’ meaning ‘bearded’ Edit
Acmadenia obtusata Edit
Sideritis cabrerae Edit
Aloe scabrifolia Edit
Indigofera incana var. angustistipulata Edit
Wahlenbergia lobata Edit

Named in honour of Swedish botanist ...

Hamerkop Edit
Syncolostemon elliottii Edit
Chrysojasminum bignoniaceum Edit
Pterygodium cruciferum Edit