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Name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Crassula schlechteri From the German ‘schlecteri’ / ‘Schlecter’ meaning ‘commemorating a botanist of this name’ Edit
Trachyandra asperata var. nataglencoensis Edit
Cajanus From the Malay katchang, bean, pea. Edit
Hypericum pauciflorum subsp. involutum Edit
Xenostegia Edit
Euchaetis longibracteata Edit
Venidium decurrens From the Latin ‘decurrens’ / ‘decurrens’ meaning ‘running down’ Edit
Avena andropogonoides Edit
Gemmaria unguiculata Edit
Eranthemum hildebrandtii Edit
Oxalis furcillata var. caulescens Edit
Convolvulus kilimandschari Edit
Paraserianthes lophantha subsp. lophantha Edit
Campethera abingoni Edit
Moraea montana Named in honour of Georg (Goran) Wahlenberg (1780 – 1851), a Swedish botanist, successor to Carl...Edit

Named in honour of Swedish botanist ...

Kalanchoe ballyi Edit
Adhatoda betonica Edit
Polystachya eurygnatha Edit
Clutia hirsuta robusta From Latin robustus = "robust / strong", generally referring to the habit of the plant, but...Edit
Desmodium heterocarpon var. heterocarpon Edit