Types of Content

Everything that can be contributed to CasaBio is classified as one of the following types of content.


Simply a group of pictures. Simply helps the contributor see his / her pictures together.

If the pictures were taken in the field, the context would be a description of the purpose of the fieldwork. If the pictures were taken in a herbarium, the context would be a description of the circumstances of the visit.


This is an image of an organism or natural feature (such as landscapes, habitats, or geology). There can be one or more pictures of each subject/organism, and these pictures could be taken in one or more locations.

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This represents the sighting of a species at a specific location. One or more pictures of the species can be part of one observation. The observation will be in a locality, though it may be within multiple overlapping (or contained) localities. The observation will also be within one or more habitats.

Observations do not require pictures. For example, herbarium specimens may be recorded as picture-less observations. Picture-less observations may also be created for specimens that have been observed at multiple localities without pictures.

Taxa - or 1 taxon (eg. species, genus, etc.)

The biological classification of a plant, animal or other life form. Each taxon is categorised as one of several ‘taxonomic ranks’, such as species and genus.


Represents a unique combination of ecological and environmental features found in a specific area. While some habitats are well-known and clearly defined, others are not; these need to be defined and named. A habitat doesn't have a defined boundary because it can be found in various places.

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An area of land that can be any size and has a defined boundary. Countries, provinces, municipalities, and suburbs are examples of localities. Smaller localities can be completely or partially within the boundaries of larger localities, thus they can be described as hierarchical. Each locality can have one or more habitats found within it.


Contributor’s guess of the species that an observation is likely to be, along with the the contributor’s certainty that he or she is correct.