Rim of Africa

"The Rim of Africa is not a trail. It is a story and a journey. A traverse on foot through the wild of the Cape Mountains. 

It is a story about being in love with a long, rugged line of wild peaks and valleys, stretching some 650km from the Cederberg in the north, to the Outeniqua foothills in the east, forming the south-western rim of the African continent.

A CAPE MOUNTAINS TRAVERSE?  This demanding hike is a full traverse of the Cape Fold Mountains, and is divided into 8 stages each varying between 5 or 8 days in duration. Camping beneath stars and drinking from clear streams, we slowly follow a route that varies from year to year through this beautiful and exhilarating landscape. 

In 2009 a vision was born and our first journey took place. Every year since, in the springtime, when the natural vegetation – the wild fynbos – is at its brightest, we gather in a simple daily ritual of putting one foot in front of the other."

CASABIO is creating a digital field-guide to the route